From 1121 Basmati Rice to 1121 Golden Sella Rice, a wide variety of rice is supplied by our company to customers, like grocery stores, supermarkets, catering houses, hotels and restaurants. The rice can be cooked in several ways to prepare different rice dishes.
Cumin seeds, black pepper, ginger are some of the many Indian spices that our company can supply. Our company can be contacted anytime for both, fresh & dried, whole and ground spices.
From watermelon, banana to pomegranate, our company deals in a variety of fresh fruits. Those who want to procure fruits in bulk amount for re-selling purpose can contact us today.
Fresh Jaggery
Get in touch with us to buy fresh jaggery in moulded pieces or powder form. The freshness of the range can be evaluated by the sweet taste and natural dark brown colour.
Castor Seeds
Castor oil producers can partner with us to buy castor seeds. These seeds are used to obtain the oil. There is approx. 50% oil in the seeds. People must not consume these whole seeds; it is essential to remove outer coating.
In our vegetables’ category, we currently have red onions, a vegetable without which many dishes are incomplete. When sautéed, onions become golden and sweet. These are also consumed raw in salad as well as fast food, like papdi chaat and bhelpuri.
If you are creating your diet plan, then don’t forget to include groundnut and groundnut oil. This type of nut can be consumed in many different ways. These nuts can be roasted, boiled or can be eaten raw.

Minimum Order Quantity should be 20 Tons
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